Tuesday, October 25, 2011

book binding

I love my Ipad.
I love my Ipad's house. 
It's a Dodocase.  and it's made right here in San Francisco.
yep, right here.
well, not right here. they don't make it in my living room, but pretty close. someplace, I'm actually not sure at all. 
I read an article in the San Francsico chronicle about the 2 guys that started the company. 
there are a lot of young people that start companies in this town. There must be something in the water.
I just buy the things people my age invent.
like method soap
and this dodocase, which is the entire point of today's post.

it's pretty neat.
the map on the outside is a literary map of san francisco.

Doesn't the "property of" sticker just scream writing your name in red crayon?
I think I just might.

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