Thursday, October 20, 2011

cornucopias need not apply

This year, I felt the need to decorate for fall. There are a few stipulations to decorating in this household however - with very little storage space, things must either be able to be kept up all year long (Valentine's wreaths have remained up for 2's ok though because they are pretty non-valentiney, just red and made of feather boas, frankly what living room wouldn't need a feather wreath? hello?) Other stipulations include: things that are edible or cheap and can be used as raccoon food after a few short months, or are just plain old super cool.  We can always find room to store super cool things in this house.

Ok, now onto the fall decorations:

I walked into the grocery store recently and found these gourds for 99 cents a piece.  It was still 105 degrees out, so when the lady at the checkout counter asked me what I was going to do with these, I politely replied. It's fall...somewhere, therefore it's time to decorate.  I have no idea why that check out lady was judging me but apparently I was the first person to use food products for decorating in 105 degree heat...I'm not sure, either way, I'm a big fan of fall, even if it doesn't quite feel like it here.

Squirrel candle - gift from my big sister - Isn't she the best? Well, one of the best, I have 3 big sisters and I like to be politically correct.  So, you are all the best. (bonus points however, if any of you read my blog...hmm.)

Walking around Target one night, I found acorn potpourri...hello! match made in heaven! ladies and gentlemen, we have a bingo! fall decorating. check.

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