Saturday, November 19, 2011


As if by a flip of a light switch, we've become locals to our sleepy little commuter town.  The lady at the grocery store asks how my mom's health (she's doing great! Go mom!), people give Barkley shout outs as we walk down the street and the most remarkable thing is that I no longer get lost on a run when I decide to take a detour down some random street to check out a pretty house.  (My most crowning achievement to date.) 

For a long time, we were in this state of limbo - primarily due to the financial markets - but now regardless of what the stock market is doing, we are here. Firm roots may be planted, for at least a few more years. That, in and of itself, is so satisfying.  We can finally let out a sigh of relief and say, Ahh yes, we are Californians.  We will be here, for a while, would you like to be my friend? 

Roots.  I like roots, not necessarily roots that involve a mortgage, but roots that involve knowing that we will be here next month, next quarter, next year..  It's been a while, but man, does it feel good.

[Barkley - picnicking at Rutherford Hill winery]


Morgan said...

Check out this post:, it definitely reminds me of your dilemma! Good luck on the hunt :).

Morgan said...

I left that comment on the wrong site :), reading two blogs simultaneously isn't working out so well right now!