Monday, November 21, 2011

winery: Chimney Rock

Each time we drive to Napa, we like to stop at a new winery.  When we have people visiting, we always have to stop by our mainstays (Castello di Amorosa, Beringer, Silver Oak), however it's nice to try something new.  And there are so many new wineries to try that no matter how long we live in Northern California, I think there will always be an opportunity to try a new place.

During this trip to Napa, we decided to make a stop at Chimney Rock. Mike and I enjoyed a jeroboam of Chimney Rock Cab while in Las Vegas this past February.  We loved it, so we thought it was about time we checked out their winery.  [Full disclosure: Mike and I, and 24 of his clients enjoyed the jeroboam - Mike and I like wine, however we can't finish that much wine.  A jeroboam, or double magnum (but I like to say jeroboam, it just rolls off your tongue) is 4 regular bottles of wine all put into one mega large super cool looking large bottle of wine.]

Chimney Rock is part of the Terlato family of wineries which didn't mean much to me but a few stops later on in our day, we went to the top of Rutherford Hill at the Rutherford Hill winery and voila, they are also part of the Terlato family (I read it on their sign), so it's quite a good group.  The wines that we tried were fantastic (the Cab is quite good), the winery is dog friendly and the people - both the guests and the employees were very nice and the employees very knowledgeable.  Which makes for a great experience trying some wine and will bring us back again and again.

I'm not sure who lives in this house, but whenever they are tired of this view, if they could just bequeath it to us.  We'd be honored to wake up and make coffee overlooking this view.  Wouldn't you?

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