Monday, December 19, 2011

green clean

I typically choose natural cleaning products, however I have always LOVED a good chlorine smell in the bathroom. It just says clean to me.  I love that smell. But recently I nearly asphyxiated myself while cleaning our shower...
...OK I over dramatize sometimes, but it was enough for me to seek an alternative to a good ol' Ajax clean.

I have an addiction to buying Method cleaning supplies, so every time at Target I need to stroll past the Method section to see if there are any new cleaning products, more specifically any new scents to their cleaning products.  That is when I took a gander a few feet away to see the bon ami  sitting there on the shelf so cheerfully.  So i picked it up and after reading on the label that you can clean nearly everything...from your shower to your pots and pans. Hello! Did you just read that? You can clean the soap scum off the shower floor and clean something that you are going to use to cook with.  Sold.

So I brought it home, cleaned the shower, worked great.  no asphyxiation here.

I told Mike.
And then I cleaned the stove (you know, like I seriously, cleaned the stove)
And I raved to Mike.
and then I cleaned the teapot and all the crud that turned the silver teapot brown.

Came off.
Easy as pie

[Side note: pie is not easy, making a pie gives me toddler like tantrums, so whoever came up with that saying, needs to come make me some pie.]

Back to cleaning....
Hello! Our teapot is silver again!
And I told Mike.

At this point he was getting slightly tired of me raving about a cleaning product but then I pointed out how spic and span our apartment is and then he gave me a high five.
Seriously, thank goodness for the near asphyxiation in the shower to bring me to the wonder drug of the cleaning world.

Now, who needs a high five?

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