Wednesday, January 18, 2012

just not cutting it anymore: $5 bottles of wine

Houston, I'm in trouble. Yep, trouble.  You know what happens when you start to recognize good wine vs. not - so - good wine?  You really get a taste for the good stuff. And with the good stuff, means gone are the days of enjoying a $5 bottle of wine.  Which is a bit of a bummer. Because although I may like wine (a lot), I also like to be thrifty.  One might say, I like to save money like a squirrel likes to pack away nuts all winter. Only I don't store my dinero in my cheeks.  So, it makes me sad that this bottle will no long put a smile on my face the way it used to. 

The good news is that we haven't gone from $5 bottle of wine taste straight on up to a $35 bottle of wine (although those are really good! Check out Sequoia Grove 2007 Cabernet...our favorite in that price point.)  We have however jumped up to the $11 bottle (on sale with our grocery store discount card) per wine category with the St. Francis 07 Cab.  It's really a top notch bottle of wine for the price. [Read more about it here.] And while you may be wondering why I haven't been featuring any new wines lately, it is because of this bottle.  Our wine frig is brimming with bottles of the St. Francis 07 Cab.  Recently, I saw that our grocery store was starting to sell the '08 Cab instead, so I pushed the  front bottle off to the side, and found 5 bottles remaining of the '07, snatched them up quickly and away I went to check out.  It's that good, people.

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