Tuesday, February 28, 2012

three hundred!

We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to say,
"WHOOP WHOOP! This is my 300 post!" 
Thank you for reading about me, Mike, and this pup.  We appreciate you stopping by.

Here's to 300 more!!!!
And you might have noticed that I've royally screwed up the header on the blog.  You see, I'm trying to update a few things here and there, and in the process of doing so, I managed to completely forget how to correct the problem.  whoops.  Bear with me.  I promise I'll figure it out.  Plus, we went wine tasting this past weekend...and you know what that means...
More winery pictures and more wines to talk about.  Yahoo!

[update:] Guess what? I miscounted...Thursday's post is 300... so happy 298 to you too!

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