Monday, March 5, 2012

dirty details

Guess what? I'm in love.
In love with a vacuum.
Never thought I could be.
There is something so satifying about looking at the disgustingness that is living in your carpet.

This is after one time of vacuum our 1000 sq. ft of carpetted living space.  Makes me wonder how long our old vacuum hadn't been working! Pretty sure it was nearly 3 years.  yikes. gross.

I'm going to go vacuum again right now.

PS - this is the Dyson DC 41 - the pet vacuum.  We got it not because our dog sheds.  But I do. Like the dickens.  Good thing I just chopped 5 inches off of my hair...might make less work for the dyson!

1 comment:

Maureen said...

AnnE, I have nearly the same vacuum and use it ALL THE TIME. In love! I am still amazed at how much dirt it picks up and I've had it since May. :)