Thursday, March 1, 2012


I cannot believe I haven't ever talked about the Ravenswood winery on this blog.  Ravenswood is just outside of the town of Sonoma (which, by the way, is super cute and looks to be a great spot for lunch and some shopping.  We did the lunch part, just not the shopping. Next time, shopping will be added the agenda.) Ravenswood was a wonderful surprise.  I mean, the Vinter's blend Zin is a staple in our wine frig, however I had no idea what the winery would be like.  The wine guy that took care of us was the best, most entertaining person we've met in wine country.  He gave us the history of Ravenswood, along with the origin of their label, the grounds, the wines, and as self-proclaimed button manager, we left with buttons of each of us and "No Wimpy Wines" bumper stickers.  It seemed like we tried 12 different wines. They were all good but the wines that you can only get at the winery or through the wine club were great.  (Just another reason you should go visit.)

Seriously. Go visit.

Ravenswood was comfortable, everyone that walked in the door was treated like family, and we were no exception.

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