Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wine: ghost pines zinfandel

The Ghost Pines Zinfandel was a wine that we got at the recent 5 cent wine sale - you know when you buy one bottle at regular price and you get a second bottle for 5 cents.  After the first taste, Mike and I both thought, huh, there's a reason this is in the 5 cent sale.  Yep, not one of those to write home to mom about.  The smell was good, honestly it had that smell of coming right out of the oak barrel, which made my expectations go up on the taste.  It smelled like a good bottle of wine.  Ripe plum and strawberry jam were quite prevalent in the taste. We really like an earthy or oak-y or spicy taste in a glass of wine. Especially in a zinfandel, we dig/expect that typical spicy taste.  This one just wasn't up our alley. 

Stars: 1.34
Smell: strawberries and plums
Taste: too fruity, no spice

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