Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have become an adult.  I know that you thought that was the case when I actually made a pie without having a tantrum.  And that was no small task for this girl.  But I just did something that I thought only my mom could do (although, Mom you still do it so much better).

Real jam that you can spread on toast.
Real homemade jam that I grew up with and didn't know that other people actually went to the store to buy their jam.
Real jam that when I went to my sister's house in Portland and she had homemade jam, I asked, why did mom send you jam and not me?

To which she replied.
I made the jam,
idiot (the idiot part was implied in only the way a big sister can).
Clearly, it's taken me 31 and 3/4 years to figure out that I can make jam.  And I'm totally hooked.  What's in season in the summer? Blackberries? Raspberries?  Doesn't matter to me, I'll be at the farmer's market buying more fruit to make jam after our 8 jars of strawberry freezer jam run out. 
I am hooked.  I made it last night. Mike and I tried a bit on toast.  He woke up this morning and asked if he can have more toast and jam.  And he did.
And then I called my mom to tell her that I'm a big girl. 

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