Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wine: Franciscan Cabernet 2005

Fruity, tobacco and smooth. The first three words out of my mouth once I tried this wine.  Loved it. 77 stars. Just kidding, there's only 5 stars in our system, and 5 stars is really only awarded to Silver Oak, Stag's Leap SLV or Beringer's Cab Franc. But those are a lot more expensive...and now let me tell you about the deal we scored on this bottle that I think deserves at least 3.75 real stars with a bonus of  73.25 extra imaginary stars...

Do you know what's fun about being in small town Wisconsin and going to a liquor store to buy wine?  Most people in small town Wisconsin are not shopping for wine.  HOLY MOLY, you can find yourself ONE heck of a deal when it comes to good wine, if you know what you are looking for (and if you have skewed ideas of what things should cost when you live in the Bay Area...that helps make everything seem like a deal in the Midwest...don't even get me started on the the price of homes in the midwest compared to the Bay Area.) 

Mike and I know that we like 2005 and 2007 Napa / Sonoma Cabs.  So we went to the small town liquor store and found a great deal on this bottle of 2005 Franciscan Cab.  Typically when at the liquor store / grocery store wine aisle in the Bay Area, you really don't find too many 2005 bottles - too many people know that you should snatch those up years ago and stick them in your cellar...which is also why there might need to be a show on TLC called "Wine Hoarders"  I know if we had a house - heck! just an extra closet that isn't bursting at the seams, we might need to be on that show, anyway, out here, you really don't find any 2005 wine (wait, I'd like to make this probably would find a bunch, however I don't go shopping in the aisle that requires you to ask for someone to get a key to open up the locked cabinet where all the special wines are for sale, you just don't find many affordable 2005 for sale.)

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