Thursday, April 12, 2012

like toms, for your eyes

You know how when you buy a pair of Toms shoes, they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need?  I have never done that, but I did just buy a pair of Warby Parker eye glasses and the folks at Warby Parker donate a pair of glasses for every one pair sold. So I might not have just put shoes on a child in need, but I did just help them see better so that they don't stub their toe on a boulder...(I'm pretty blind, so yes, without glasses, I probably wouldn't see a boulder under foot.)

Warby Parker has an at-home try on program where they send you 5 frames of your choosing for you to try on.  Anywho, I'm super pumped about my new glasses. I haven't received my actual pair but I might have gone to 7-11 on Friday in my fake pair of glasses to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket. The fake glasses didn't bring any extra luck...I was not a winner.  sadly.  I had such great plans with that 640 gagillion dollars I was going to win. 

Ok, back to my new glasses.  I'm blind and apparently in the last 6 or 8 years (I have no idea how old my glasses are. They are just...old.) have become more blind as my glasses just weren't cutting it anymore.  I guess I should have realized this when my contact prescription kept changing for the worse year after year but I never got a new pair of glasses. (mainly in just one eye - details people, I like details, therefore I don't typically hold anything back from you, like the fact that you really didn't need to know that one eye is deteriorating at a quicker rate than the right eye.)  It had gotten to the point where I thought, huh, I can't read the score of the basketball games on our tv (in the past on our 19 inch non-flat screen tv, this was understandable, but not today when we are watching life size men compete on our 46 inch tv... ok, almost life would think they were life size had you watched anything on our old tv...)

Anyway, the winning pair are the pair called Zagg - there are also the ones that I was wearing when playing "fun with mirror and camera" on the bottom right picture.  pardon the bad lighting...the game doesn't account for adjustments on the camera while playing the game.

Fun Fact:
Warby Parker is named after Jack Kerouac's personal journals named Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper.  Jack helped pioneer the Beat Generation and holds a special place in the heart of San Franciscans, particularly at City Lights bookstore - where the Beatniks met regularly post world war two.


Nicole said...

I like the ZAGG :) my favorite on you!

Ann E. said...

Aww Thanks Nik! My favorite too! I've been totally hooked on my Zaggs since I got the real pair that I can actually see through! :)