Friday, May 4, 2012


this week's obsession: Pottery Barn Pick-Stitch Quilt.

a few weekends ago it was 173 degree outside.  (actually, i lied, it was only 95, but when it's 65 and cloudy one day and then BAM! it's 95 the next, it feels like 173 degrees. Typically it cools down at night but not that weekend.  Which prompted us to buy a summer weight quilt for our bed.  Something I've been wanting to do for 5 years - since we registered for one and didn't receive one for our wedding and it wasn't one of the things we thought we actually needed at the time.  And I hate to be hasty when it comes to making purchases, so it took just shy of 5 years of thinking about a summer weight quilt to finally take the plunge.

And we love it. 
AND it's washable! You gotta love that.

This quilt is so soft and perfect for warm summer nights.  Totally worth the 5 year wait..however I don't suggest you do that. Just go buy one. They were on sale and totally worth it.

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