Wednesday, May 9, 2012

project: t-shirt dog toy

Barkley is super destructive when it comes to her toys.  All her soft toys last about 3. 7 seconds. no joke. So, we have a hard time justifying spending money on any soft toys for her because they don't last long - except of course - her beloved stuffed squirrel, which has lasted nearly 2 years - a miracle of miracles, if you ask me.

All that background to say, that I found a site that turned strips of old t-shirts into a dog toy.  I made one of these chew toys a few months ago and Barkley dug it.  It was a bit skinny and she found the week spots and chews and spits out pieces of t-shirt on the floor (hence the need to make a new one, as the first chew toy found an everlasting spot in the garbage can.) So, the first toy I made, I used one t-shirt and cut the strips about an inch wide, and then however long the t-shirt was length-wise.  This time around, Mike was getting rid of a bunch of old work undershirts, so I decided that since I didn't need any more rags for the house, I should make another chew toy for barkers. 

Since Barkley made quick work of chewing the first t-shirt chew toy apart (on the ends, her chompers, are serious, but not serious enough to work through a braid of cotton.) I made this new chew toy a bit bigger.  Barkley likes toys that are bigger than she is - I believe if she could talk her motto would be "the more awkward the better."  I cut 12 t-shirts strips (I ended up using about 2 tshirts) each about 2 inches wide.  Tied a knot and then braided it. 

This toy is also nice because if she does score one strand and is able to pull it loose from the braid, all I need to do is untie the knot, rebraid and tie a knot again and her toy is good as new.

Super easy.  Barkley approved.

For instructions on how to make your own dog toy out of old tshirts: go here.

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