Wednesday, May 16, 2012

reading: magazines

We started a few new magazine subscriptions this year.  And I love them.  I am a sucker for Amazon's $5 magazine sale  - which is when I decided to start getting the House Beautiful subscription - a great one for this girl to dream big in the house we do not yet own, however in my head we have decorated beautifully.  The Economist and Bloomberg Business Weekly weren't purchased through Amazon, but they are two of my favorites this year.  I think when I'm reading a "beach read" fiction book, I especially yearn for learning a bit during the week by reading.  The Economist offers me my weekly dose of lessons in vocabulary as I cannot believe how many words are written in their articles that I have no idea what they mean.  So, with my dictionary at my side - I think I'm going to sit on the deck and read my magazines.

Clearly, Mike and I aren't the only ones that like these magazines.  Barkley can't read (yet - we have high hopes for her when she gets older, however) so she just likes to stand on the magazines. A bit of osmosis, if you will.

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