Friday, May 18, 2012

winery: thomas coyne

Thomas Coyne winery in Livermore Valley was one of those wineries where we had a lot of fun taking pictures of the grounds but the wine just wasn't completely our style.  The wine was good, don't get me wrong. The people were very nice, tasting room was casual and the tasting was free...Bonus.  There were a lot of people at this winery and the bar was quite small, which meant that we didn't get a lot of attention to learn about the wine - completely understandable on a busy Saturday afternoon.  However, I think the wineries we love the most, are the ones that we end up walking away from have exceeded all expectations.  They are the wineries that no matter what the wine tastes like (well, to an extent) we have been able to learn a thing or two about the winery and all that making wine entails.  So, it comes to no surprise that a winery that moves you right along without offering any insights on the wines they are pouring isn't one that we are super enthused about.  Just another reason to give it another try, as we are always amazed how the atmosphere can change each time you go back to a winery.

We did however purchase one bottle of wine while at the winery.  The 2006 Tannat (red blend) is one that should be paired with BBQ.  We thought what perfect timing to buy this bottle at the beginning of summer when surely we will be barbecuing quite a bit.  We haven't tried it yet (step one: refill the propane tank. step two: grill meat. step three: open bottle of Tannat wine and enjoy.) We are sure to follow these 3 important steps very soon - since we've already had a string of 90+ degree days.  Summer has officially begun in the East Bay, now we need to start grilling and drinking wine. 

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