Thursday, June 28, 2012

project in the bathroom

Huh, that title can be taken a few different ways.

The project that I am going to talk about today is revamping the pictures that hung above the towel bars in our second bathroom.  You see, I am pretty sure that I have had these frames/mattes for over 10 years and the white mattes just started to look a bit dingy.  The problem was, they fit the space well and the postcards that were in the frames were still looking good as new.  So I figured if I just recovered the mattes, I could have another 10 years worth of bathroom fun. (OK I might get sick of them before that, but you get what I mean.)

I got the wrapping paper at The Container Store for $4.99 a roll - which by the way has quite a selection of modern - patterned paper.  The paper was of really great quality as well, but only a very small amount (probably would wrap 2 shirt boxes). I was able to cover both mattes in one roll...well, I should have been able to cover both mattes in one roll, but my first attempt I didn't pay attention to the fact that I should get the lines square and the paper was crooked. So, after going back to The Container Store for another roll of paper, I was back in business.

Ta Da!
Much better, if I do so so myself. 
$10 to make the bathroom in our rental a bit more exciting...I'll take it.

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