Tuesday, June 26, 2012

recipe: muesli

I'm a big fan of yogurt.  Greek yogurt to be exact. However, if I have yogurt too many days in a row, I feel like I might throw up because the consistency of eating just yogurt gets to me.  (I think it's one of those tolerances that builds up and builds up until you throw up. I don't think that's ever been medically proven, but any doctors out there, just give me a call, I can prove it through yogurt.)

Sometimes I get side tracked. 
Sometimes I like to talk to myself.
Sometimes I sing the abc's outloud in public at Target, by myself.
all true.

Sorry, where was I? 

Muesli. Ahhh yes.  Adding fruit and muesli to my yogurt doesn't make me want to barf.  Always a good thing. I'll stop talking about throwing up now because this really is a delicious recipe and I'd hate to turn you off.

Check out the recipe: here.  I added more figs because I couldn't find any dates at the store. I love figs, so this seemed like an extra special treat for me. 

The jedi says: Delicious, eat you now I will. (actually that'd be Yoda)

You might be asking why you need a jedi pen when making muesli?  You don't.  Mike found it in a cereal box and left it out as a present for me.  I dig it.  And it writes nice. Surprising, I know!

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