Monday, June 18, 2012

recipe: corn chips

I was watching Giada one day and she made her own tortilla chips, and I thought, huh, I am totally going to do that. And so I did.

the end.

Just kidding.
I think I got ya.

Why is is that corn tortillas seem to only come in a pack of 200 where as flour tortillas come in packs as small as 8? This is a perfect way to use up the rest of the 188 corn tortillas before they go bad.

Take 4-5 corn tortillas (depending on how many you are making - 4 tortillas made more than enough chips for Mike and I to last about a week.) Cut them in triangles - the smaller the triangle pie pieces the better - (I'm saying cut the tortilla into 6 pieces rather than 4 as the smaller chips seemed to be nice and crunchy where as the bigger chips I cut, were a bit chewy.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I brushed both sides of the tortillas with a very small amount of olive oil - not much at all. Salt liberally (you might see in the picture above, a few specks of pepper - I accidentally grabbed the pepper shaker first. - My advice: look down at what shaker you are grabbing (highly intellectual advice, isn't it?)

Place tortilla wedges on roasting pan, making sure that you have them laid out on the pan with no overlap. Bake for 15 minutes or until chips are crispy and golden brown. 

Here's the recipe for Giada's Halibut Ceviche Salad with a side of corn tortilla chips: recipe.

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