Friday, June 15, 2012


Lately, I decided that all my cheap nail polish needed to be tossed. I say this like I keep bottles and bottles of polish around. Nope, I'm no hoarder of nail polish, I'm a one polish at a time kind of girl. (This might explain why I also eat my food in a clockwise manner, finishing one item before I move onto the next.  It's ok, you can call me odd. I don't mind.)  So the old bottle was getting a bit gunky and it was time for an upgrade.  I went with Essie's Tour de Finance (which is such a wonderful name) and I'll be admiring my toes all summer long. I'm a big fan of the ultra-bright-pink-Barbie-would-be-jealous color. 

My other obsession (other, like I only have one - no no, I have many, like pinterest, reading blogs, starting craft projects, watching reality tv, drinking wine, grooming my outdoor plants) but let's get back to the obession that I just wrote 3 paragraphs on and took 2 pictures.  Ahh, that one.

I also just got my first shipment from StyleMint.  I love it.  What could be better than getting a little gift in the mail from 2 of my closest (albeit they don't know me) friends - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?  Hello!

I am really digging this racer back tank in yellow and cream.  I think I'm going to get plenty of use out of this baby for the sweet price of $29 bucks - although when you first join, they give you some sort of discount, which I used on this shirt, so I think it was under $25.  Also, it's not just tshirts that you can buy, they have skirts, leggings, and tunics - all depending on that specific month.

If you do join StyleMint, be sure to pay attention to how it works - I am still learning, but from what I have gathered so far: 1 unit = $29.99, there is free shipping, membership starts with your first order and then you need to stay on top of it every month to either order a new item  within the first 5 days, or opt out.  I opted out of the June collection because frankly I just don't need anything else right now.  The great part is that you only receive what you order (with free shipping), however if you don't decide to opt out of a particular month, you will get charged one unit, but as long as you opt out within the first 5 days, you aren't charged.  Check it out for yourself: here.  

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