Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wine: wente 2009 Sandstone Merlot

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged about any new wines lately.  Well, the reason for that is we've been drinking our way through 2 cases of our favorite 07 St. Francis Cab.  But after a while, you need something different.  So Mike and I went to Target and bought a few under $11 bottles of wine to mix into our assortment.  We gave ourselves the "under $11" challenge because, well, the under $7 wines kinda make us sick after enjoying much better, more expensive wines.  The $7-$11 range offers a bit more quality and is still a good price point for a weeknight wine (in our book). Our other problem (hardly a problem) is that we've been buying 1-2 bottles of good wine ($30 - $50) whenever we are at a winery. So we have a good stash of expensive wine that needs a specific reason to be drank, and not just because The Bachelorette is on.  (Which if you ask me is enough of a reason for a semi-good bottle of wine, I love that show, but it's just a bit hard to justify opening a $40 bottle of wine just to comment on how narcissistic pro-trainer Ryan is on this season.)

So anyway, back to the Wente Merlot.  We got this at Target for $10.99.  Totally worth money. This is a perfect summer bottle of wine. Light, plum in smell and taste, with a hint of raspberries and spices.  Sweet and light but not over the top in sweetness, because we're not fans of super sweet wines, there still needs to be some spice or pepper flavor to fill it out.  This one was a good one where the plum was balanced out with the spices. 

We were actually quite impressed - both for the value and the fact that we still always face that stigma of Sideways' attitude toward Merlot. We've found that Merlots can either be good or bad.  (Wow, that's a deep statement, AnnE.)  But you know what I mean, they either impress us because we have lower expectations for a Merlot or they fulfill the stereotype of - Eh, I'm not so sure I want to finish my glass of wine much less the bottle.

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