Monday, July 23, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

If only John Denver wrote a song or two about the Sierras. Instead I shall sing Rocky Mountain High over and over again throughout this entire post - feel free to sing along, it is a catchy tune.  

Lake Tahoe is one of those places where you hear about it being really blue, but until you get there, you just don't quite understand that it is REALLY blue.  Like seriously, I swear this is the Caribbean blue.

After 3.7 years of wanting to go, begging, pleading, sacrificing my left arm (well, I didn't go that far) I have finally seen the lake. It's almost a sacrilege to live in Northern California and not go to Lake Tahoe (let the record show that Mike has been to Tahoe on a yearly basis for the past 5 years)...I on the other hand have never been...until now.  No more bitterness on my part! I have seen the lake! And now I would like to purchase any property I can find just to go back anytime...a ha! now I'm sensing why Mike was hesitant to bring me here!

Oh my goodness, I love it there.

He knows me well.

I love this place.

These pictures were taken from the observatory deck at Heavenly Ski Resort.  If you have never been up to Tahoe, I highly recommend spending the dinero to ride the Heavenly gondola up to the observatory deck to take some pictures.  The view is incredible.

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