Monday, July 9, 2012

winery: Hall, Napa Co.

My mom and I were up for one more stop on the day o' wine tasting, however we decided due to the fact that it was 109 degrees and we were sweating just standing still, the idea of tasting more wine kinda seemed like a chore (it's sad, but true.) We were driving south on Highway 29 and the traffic driving north into St. Helena was horrendous, so we knew that we had to choose a winery on the right hand side so as to not have to deal with crossing traffic upon entering and exiting.  Plus, I have always wanted to check out Hall (they have a sign boasting their "Crazy Good Cabernets" that has always peaked my interest). Luckily it met the requirement of being located on the right side of the road and we pulled in.  We wanted to find a shady spot to park the car, but apparently Hall loves their hybrids, all-electric cars, carpools, bicycles - you get my drift - there were more signs designated for all the different type of environmentally friendly cars I was a bit in awe.  My mom - the Prius driver before Prius driving was cool - I think, was pretty impressed with this.  

There is plenty of "normal" people parking too however, just not in the shade, not close up to the front doors, but my Volkswagen wagon found a happy spot to bask in the 109 degree heat. And we popped into the tasting room.  It was after sweating 5 pounds of water weight off just from walking from the car to the tasting room, that we decided it was too hot to taste the wine.  So we just wondered around and took pictures. Totally up my alley.  

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