Saturday, July 7, 2012

the weekend

We got a lounge chair for our deck after it was clear that with Mike starting his MBA program, that our apartment was too small - what, that connection isn't clear to you?  No, you see, if he is reading on the couch for school, then I am relegated to our bedroom - where the only spot to sit is on the bed.  Beds are for sleeping.

Making our deck more of an extension of our living room was just the ticket.  (Pardon the bins behind me, the deck still needs to be our "garage"  as well.)  But now that we have plants (that I have only partially killed, but are coming back to life), a rocking chair and the lounge chair.  We are set.  We even ate sandwiches outside for dinner last week! I know! Big news! We can live here without going insane with the lack of space for a good 35 plus years. OK, no we can't. But it's working for now.

Blogging outside with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning is great. Barkley is happy, I'm happy.  

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