Friday, July 6, 2012

winery: Luna, Napa Co.

My mom recently came out to visit me for a long weekend and her two requests of things she wanted to do were to go to wine country and shop in San Francisco. Done. and Done (the shopping pictures are on my phone however, so once I figure out how to get those off of there and onto my computer, I'll share those.)

Today it's all about Napa Co. Our first stop was Luna.  We were driving north up Silverado Trail and passed by Luna.  My mom yelled out - OH I love that one! So we made a u-turn and started our wine tasting at Luna.  Turns out that both of us were thinking that this winery was Luna di Luna, you know the one with the bright rainbow colored opaque bottles.  Well, it's not. Luna di Luna is out of Italy, and we were in Napa (you know, just in case you weren't clear).  We asked if Luna and Luna di Luna were all under the same wine family and alas, they are not. (It wasn't until just now that I looked up to see where Luna di Luna is out of.)  After we were let down by this fact, we tried some wine.  And, boy, we were pleasantly surprised.  (I love when that happens.) It was delicious. The tasting room was so homey - the ladies pouring the wines were busy, but not too busy to be pretentious snobs and not tell us anything about the wine (always important). We were encouraged to take a walk up to the tower that overlooks the Pinot (I think, sometimes I don't listen) grapes.  It was delightful. 

Luna's Sangiovese was superb. It goes for $25 per bottle and is seriously going to be a staple in our wine frig for summer enjoyment.  It was however 3 million degrees (OK, truly, it reached 109 degrees, which in my book is just about the same as 3 million degrees) the day that we went to the winery, so I didn't buy any wine that day, but I will be sure to make a stop next time. 

I would like my house to look like this - complete with a wine bar, people working behind the bar pouring wine and a dark wooden ceiling.  Yes, I think I just might move into to the Luna tasting room.  

 Luna's grounds were beautiful.  So quiet, so peaceful, so ready to try some more wine

olive tree overlooking the vineyard - as most olive trees do in Napa county.

entrance to Luna

For more information on Luna - go here.

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