Thursday, September 6, 2012

hot dogs and hair cuts

From the title of this post, you might think I'm going to talk about the final weekend of summer or the start of back to school season.  Well, you'd be wrong. You see I've come to realize that there is a strange coincidence with my behavior when eating a hot dog and getting a hair cut.  

Let me list the likenesses:
1. Both experiences happen very rarely (one hot dog is typically consumed once per year at a baseball game, while hair cuts might happen twice per year)
2. When deciding if I should eat a hot dog or get a hair cut - you may not talk to me, rationalize with me or do anything of the sort. 
3. "the quicker the better" is the motto between the time it takes to decide to eat said hot dog or cut off my hair and the actual event.
4. I'll probably most likely regret both decisions for at least a week, maybe more.

So now you can understand that yes indeed, these two life events (yes, they are considered life events, as they are that traumatizing, but must be done.) 

Let the record show that I have yet to attend a baseball game (Go Giants!) this year, however it will happen, but AT & T park does give me a wide array of things other than hot dogs to eat (garlic fries - yum!) so it is tempting to stray from the hot dog, however from what you've read above, you can see how much I do love  that one hot dog per year, so I'd have to guess I'll still digest one yet in 2012.  

On the hair cut front, I have had 2 hair cuts in 2012. Both times I cut off at least 5 inches.  I think I've maxed out this opportunity until at least 2014.  At which point, I'm sure I'll ask myself, WHY? Why did you decide without consulting anyone (other than Pinterest) to chop off your hair? 

Right now, I'm sure my mom is saying, "AnnE, your hair doesn't look that short to me."  To which I would reply - do you see it in a pony tail??? Nope.  Isn't long enough, which was the exact reason that I got my hair cut. DUH! Darn the idea of thinking that I wouldn't ever want it in a pony tail! 

The straight hair version makes me look so eerily similar to my sister that I spooked Mike quite a few times the day that I got my hair cut.  The curly hair version is what you typically see, since I have zero, zilch, zip ability to straighten my own hair.  Pretty sure I wasn't born with those muscles...or maybe it's just that I'm impatient. (Probably the latter.) 

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Conor and Kerri said...

AnnE - I think it looks super cute!