Monday, October 1, 2012

muir woods

I like history. Like old history, not dinosaur old (well I do fancy pterodactyls, but I think that has more to do with the silent "p" than the animal) but more like the history prior to / around the time of Christopher Columbus jumping in a boat and discovering America - that type of old.

Which is why I like Europe so much.  I can walk around any city and am continually amazed by the fact that they have buildings that are older than the entire United States of America.  It boggles my mind.  

I like being boggled.

Which is why I love Muir woods so much.  There's not a lot of old stuff in California, but the redwoods?   They are old.  Really really majestically old.

And also conveniently enough very close to San Francisco.  Seriously just drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, take a few windy roads and you are there in no time.  If you are visiting Muir Woods on a beautiful weekend, you might spend more time finding a parking spot and walking into the park than it does to drive to the park from SF. 

Which is why I strongly urge you to go early! There is a nice parking lot right at the entrance, but it's not big.  Muir Woods has both paved paths and more rugged "use your hiking shoes" type of paths.  We were visiting Muir Woods with Mike's brother, wife and baby girl. So we stayed on the paved trails that worked out well for driving the stroller around.  

so very beautiful.

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