Friday, December 14, 2012

rationalizing with a westie

Have you ever tried to rationalize with your dog?


Hmm. You might want to stop reading then.

Barkley has a partial tear on a tendon in her knee.  This really doesn't surprise me as she seems to be part westie, part Cirque du Soleil acrobat.  She thinks that she can jump off the highest objects she can find and land on her feet.  The vet said to put her on injured reserve ~ no walks, no running to fetch things, just lying low.  I've told her many times, Barkley you can't jump onto the back of the couch, you, like Andrew Bogut (Warriors basketball player that seems to be eternally sitting on the bench due to injury) need to rest.  That way you can get better and win some games for the Warriors...wait, that part is what my pep talk for Andrew Bogut would be.  Sorry sometimes my imaginary conversations with professional sports players get confused with my real conversations with my dog.) I am sure you understand.  *This might be a good time to remind you that I did, indeed, have 2 imaginary friends growing up.* (That should explain a lot.)

Barkley doesn't like the idea that she can't chase squirrels or fetch a ball.  So, she's taken to doing other things in the apartment to keep herself occupied, like trying to dig a tunnel under our front door to escape.  Poor dog, at least it's the rainy season and you really don't like going outside anyway.  Look on the bright side dog.  You are going to get better faster than Andrew Bogut, I just know it.

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