Monday, January 7, 2013

Night light

Is it wrong if I just keep up the tree all year long and name it our fake tree night light? I took down all the ornaments on New Year's Day, but I just haven't found the desire to pack away the actual tree. Watching tv by the light of "that giant night light" near the sliding door is just so comforting. You may say, yes AnnE, it is a pretty night light, but don't you think your neighbors might think that you are strange?

To which i would reply: The good news is that we don't interact with any of our neighbors, so I really don't mind if any of them think we are crazy. We've developed our own opinions of you, dear neighbors, and no matter if you took your tree down on Dec. 26, I still think your need to throw a medicine ball at the mutual walls or ceilings that we share, makes you far more crazy.

(Anyone sensing that AnnE shouldn't live in a multi-family rental complex anymore?!)

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