Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can you feel the love?

Mike and I saw Lion King over the Christmas break. It was AMAZING. Seriously, nothing compares to this musical. This was the 2nd time I saw it (first time over a decade ago in Minneapolis) and I has tears in my eyes with how amazed I was by all the animals and the fantastic singing. (This is when you might think, tears, really? But I did my fair share of musical theater while growing up, so I am not strange, well I might be, but for other reasons.) What a show.

If it comes to a town near you, really you must go. For reals.
I rarely use the words bomb and diggity. But this show is the bomb diggity.  You know I mean business now, people.

Mike has taken to re-enacting the beginning scene of showing off Simba. In this case, the role of Simba is reluctantly being played by Barkley.

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