Friday, January 11, 2013

Currently obsessed: skinny cords & slipper socks

The benefit of working from home is that I can wear slippers all. day. long. And I do take full advantage of that perk.

Mike got me these new Woolrich Chalet slippers for Christmas (read: I ordered them on Amazon, wrapped them up and stuck a tag on them that said, To:annE, love Mike. That's how Christmas shopping works around these parts.)

The slipper socks go especially well with my new obsession of wearing skinny jeans or cords. I know, I know, skinny jeans have been around for a few years, but I like to wait and make sure a trend is going to stick before I jump in with both feet.  And boy, oh boy, have I.  Both feet are raring to jump into my skinny jeans every morning...but this also might be because I need to put the pants on before I can put on my slippers.  It's all about the slippers, people.

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