Sunday, January 13, 2013


45 degrees yesterday afternoon, out with Barkley, wearing my down puffer winter coat I used to live in all winter long in Minnesota. The hearty Midwesterner has officially been replaced with a California weather wimp. I can no longer scoff and "those" people that think 45 degrees is cold when they do not know what it is like to step outside and have your nose hairs freeze. And now, I am one of them. It's ok though, at least I can appreciate it being warm enough that my nose hairs aren't frozen.

Side note: I watched a woman through my rear view mirror in the car behind me pick her nose and eat it, not once, but continuously for the duration if the red light. I almost wanted to jump out of my car and knock in her window to give her my free Jack in the Box nuggets coupon (clearly, she must be hungry) but I didn't because I was embarrassed that I watched her for the entire red light. True story.

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