Sunday, January 13, 2013

What luck

Prior to Christmas, it rained. And it rained and it rained. During this time, I longingly looked at my Christmas present wrapped under the tree knowing full well that inside that large boot sized box was a pair of Hunter boots just dying to be worn (if you remember from the slippers post, Christmas presents for AnnE involve AnnE shopping for and wrapping her own presents (I am in no way complaining about this fact, as I get exactly what I want; everyone wins really.)

Back to the boots. Do you see what is shining upon my beloved new rain boots?

The sun.

That is right, we got about 13 feet* of rain prior to Christmas and now that I have my boots, we have been blessed with boatloads of sunshine. Not that I am complaining, actually yes I am. I do love the sunshine, and I do love the boots, so I propose a compromise: I shall wear the boots rain or shine and you shall not make fun of me. Deal? Deal.

*I exaggerate on rain totals. It sure seemed to me that we got 13 feet but I didn't put out a rain gauge, therefore I have no idea.

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