Sunday, January 20, 2013

Small appliance anyone?

If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times, "A long weekend calls for small appliances used on Sundays."

Wait. I have never said it.

Never mind.

But, with the waffle iron hanging out after breakfast and the quesadilla maker getting warmed up for lunch, it just seemed appropriate to document the "Small Appliance Sunday"

We use the waffle iron a lot. Let me stress that again. A LOT. Ever since our trip to Belgium, we have been addicted.

The quesadilla maker doesn't come out all that often, and I have to say, as a minimalist in the kitchen, I would have never thought to purchase this for myself but I love having it (Thanks mom and dad for the Christmas small appliance bonanza of 2011 - a few of my sisters got donut makers and a few is us got quesadilla makers, hence, the bonanza). We are big fans of turning left over chicken into Sunday lunch quesadillas. (Yes, it seems that it is always a Sunday tradition.) I think part of the intrigue in the quesadilla maker is that since we don't have a microwave (see kitchen minimalist comment), heating leftovers up in something other than the oven, seems like a treat.

So, what small appliances did you use to commemorate this holiday weekend?

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