Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I completely understand the 80s (just a few decades later)

I had pale pink leg warmers in the 80s, they were wonderful for going to and from ballet class and on occasion that one of my parents forgot about picking me up from ballet class, they kept me warm as I waited patiently. I think everyone should spend some time in their life as the 5th child in the family - it really teaches you patience.

Fast forward to today, Santa brought me leg warmers for my new hunter boots, but I haven't worn them for that yet (see post of the lack of post-Christmas rain). The leg warmers have, however, become my new best friend(s) - I have 2 legs, I felt I should account for both warmers AND both legs and call them friends with a "S". They are super fantastic for the chilly nights I have yoga. Not only do they keep my feet warm while driving to and from class - while wearing flip flops (I got scolded by our UPS guy telling me that I shouldn't be out in this weather in bare feet - nice to know our UPS guy cares.) Back to the warmers, they are also extremely useful I wear while in yoga and way better than those crazy yoga socks that have the toe holes cut out and ate $10 for a pair. Give me some leg warmers any day - I am determined to singlehandedly bring them back en vogue.

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