Friday, January 25, 2013

wine: Justin Cabernet 2009

You know what's funny.  It wasn't until I took this picture of the empty wine bottle did I realize we had just drank the Justin Cabernet. Oddly enough, I ordered 3 bottles of Justin Syrah from our local wine store and brought them home, took one over to a friend's house (it was fantastic, that one really was a Syrah) and then Mike and I opened this bottle over the weekend figuring that we had to share the first bottle of Syrah with others, we were going to keep this one for ourselves.  (Sometimes, we aren't good at sharing.)  So, you can only assume that if I couldn't differentiate between a Cab and a Syrah, that I probably didn't take any notes on this bottle of wine. 

You are correct.  

I did notice the nice oak-i-ness that we like. Which, I just looked up on to see that, sure enough, this bottle is aged in American Oak.  We like wines that are aged in American Oak, if not for the entire aging process, then at least for a large portion of it.  American Oak is much more Oak-y than French Oak.  We, Americans, really now how to do Oak.  Well, I guess the Oak trees really know how to do oak (must be something special in American soil for Oak trees - how did I not learn anything about that in my Soil Science degree?) 

This bottle is quite good. I would definitely recommend it (I would also recommend the bottle that I thought we were drinking the Justin Syrah, that's also very good, and I'm not much of a syrah drinker).  It takes a lot for me to branch out of the Napa/Sonoma area and try a different California region, so this means a lot, people. 

PS - I just checked our wine frig.  The 3rd bottle of Justin is a Syrah. So I promise, I'll drink and share with you.  Well, I won't share the wine, you all live too far away.

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