Thursday, March 7, 2013

attention span

My iPhone has about 3.7 million pictures of Barkley not looking at the camera.  She's a big fan of looking directly at the camera until the exact moment I hit the button.

She's got a sixth sense about that.

Luckily, I don't take it personally and keep snapping away (and apparently I think my dog is so cute that I don't ever delete the pictures of her walking away from me.  Good thing they've been put to good use in this blog post, otherwise, I'd probably be considered that girl that likes their dog too much and is probably a hoarder.)

I do love my dog.
I am not a hoarder.

These are all pictures of Barkers - pre-surgery.  How do I know that? Well (1) I know my dog (2) these days (post surgery) she's sporting a look like LL Cool J (only with her fur, she doesn't wear pants) and has one entire back leg + butt cheek totally shaved.  

The good news is that she's recovering quite well.  The bad news is that she's shivering all the time because she's missing that fur covering her rump. 

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