Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things I should know how to make: cheesecake

Check it out.  Another installment of scary fancy foods that AnnE has conquered! whoop! whoop! Who's just excited that there's actually a second installment, let alone that I actually made something delicious?!? 

This installment is Martha Stewart's cheesecake. Martha makes a mean cheesecake.  Mike and I enjoyed a piece each and then we should have invited all the neighbors (if we knew them, or liked them) over because there was far too much for me and my allergic-to-cheese-and-dairy husband to eat the entire 9 inch cake.  Not to worry, he willingly ate the cheesecake and lived to tell about it.  It was a bit rich and a little overboard, so next time I make this, we'll have to be going to a party or something, that way we aren't 800 pounds - there's over 4 sticks of cream cheese in this baby, two people really shouldn't eat it by themselves.  So we didn't.  We enjoyed a piece each and then donated the rest to the local raccoon.  

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