Wednesday, July 24, 2013

where did you go, July?

Hi there.  I promise I haven't forgotten how to log into my blog, it's just that this little old Etsy shop has taken off a lot more ferociously than I would have ever imagined! In the very best way possible, the Etsy shop has made me busy.  Busy, elated, happy, perplexed about what type of fabric combination works out know the typically stresses of day to day life - only they are all about maybe not all that typical.  At any rate, I haven't forgotten about you dear, blog.

Anywho, I thought I better share my 4th of July pictures before the 4th of August. You know how much fun that holiday* is - totally picture worthy.

*august 4th is National Chocolate chip day. Betcha didn't know that one, did you?

I confess. I didn't either. So let's get back to July 4th...
Piedmont parade - the cutest little town enveloped completely by Oakland.  This float was a traveling basketball court.

Piedmont has a Westie contingent in the parade...we were asked by every other westie owner to walk in the parade, but we hadn't exactly planned on walking (I need to teach Barkley how to wave first) so we just watched all the cute westies take in all the excitement.

And because I know how often I get on the blog these's a few more July pictures for you.  

{new 52nd & Barkley items}

{fog rolling in for the afternoon over the Golden Gate} 

{Angel Island Marina -- this might be heaven} 

{A's vs. Red Sox. Great seats, didn't really care who won -- I'm a Giants girl through and through}

{this is my "holy crap, I'm 33" face. My birthday involved a hair cut, good wine (to be blogged about later), fantastic meal.  My hair stylist gave me straight hair for my birthday -- love it!}

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