Wednesday, August 14, 2013

workout gear

I've found that when it comes to running, my favorite to day to run is the day after laundry day.  Makes total sense right?  Well, the reason is, that all my favorite pieces are ready to be worn again (might be a sign that I need to purchase multiples in these pieces).  So because I'm pretty boring these days and have very little to blog about (unless you want to see the 1289 pictures of Barkley on my phone), I figured I'd share with you what pieces I can't get enough of.

First is the REI Fast Pass Skort. Three words for you.

Hello! Score! Now I don't have to run and hold my keys! Whoop! Whoop! (It's the little things that excite me, if you can't already tell.)

Next up, I need to wear a shirt.  Yep, I know. It's surprising that I don't just run in a skort.  I'd send all the dog walkers on the path screaming and running to shield their eyes, I'm sure of that.  I've got stipulations for that shirt - I am not a fan of sleeves.  Good news for me is that the East Bay is h.o.t. HOT from May - September.  I found the C9 for Target Double Strap tank top one day while meandering through the work out section (I might need to address the problem of meandering through the clothing section at Target for a good 45 minutes before actually getting a cart and grocery shopping.  Last night I had to eliminate Barkley's pre-dinner walk because I lost track of time. Opps! Not to fret, Barkley got a nice walk after dinner.  I'd hate for you to worry about the most spoiled dog in America to have not been walked. Did you read the first paragraph where I said that there are 1289 pictures of Barkley on my phone?

These tanks went on sale one day and I bought 4 colors.  From my meandering that I did yesterday, I see that they have new colors. My will power kept me from purchasing the rest of the colors, however if they go on sale anytime soon, I might, just might, have to see out my size in the other colors.  I also really like wearing these tanks for yoga too.  They are comfortable and stay in place, both are extremely important to me for geriatrics yoga*.  

As for running shoes, I'm a Brooks girl through and through.  I'm a big fan of the minimalist shoes, however I'm working my way slowly from the typical running shoe down towards the most minimal.

*I could have just explained geriatrics yoga above, but I wanted to use the asterisk.  I go to a yoga class full of 85 year old women.  The teacher is in her 70s.  I feel as if I'm really good when comparing myself to people over double my age - not fair, I know.  I am now trying out a new yoga studio. I haven't gone yet, however I have seen that the people going into the studio carrying yoga mats are right around my age.  I might need to accept the fact that I won't be the best at yoga at this new place.  I also probably need to check my competitive spirit at the door, because I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be competitive while in a zen yoga state.  

Speaking of yoga, the other key pieces I'm in love with (I have bought multiples of these because I don't want to be that girl at the new yoga studio who wears the exact same outfit every time.  Running is different, I run in different places, see different people, they don't judge me, because they don't realize that I'm constantly wearing the same outfit -- if they knew, I'm sure they would judge.  I probably would too.) 

Lucy's Power Flow Tank & Long Sleeve Work out tee are my favorites when I need to layer up in the cooler months.  I wear these for both yoga and running.  Awesome double duty find.  

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