Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Dog Toys

My nephew is all grown up -- he's nearly 23, bought a condo and now is getting a puppy. To celebrate, I decided to raid Mike's undershirt drawer (isn't that where you go first when you need to make a gift?!?) along with a few other shirts and sweatshirts we had in the Goodwill pile to make him a gift basket.

I dyed the t-shirts to make it more exciting than plain white, braided them, tied a knot, and voila!
A puppy chew toy! 

Because seriously, spending $15 on a chew toy that the dog will destroy in 0.3 seconds is just plain silly. I don't care whose dog it is, being thrifty always wins. The other toy is dyed t-shirt scraps draped around a tennis ball. Then I ripped a piece of cotton thin enough to be able to tie knots and wrapped it around the fabric to keep the ball secure. The surprise bonus is that I used a purple and yellow fabrics for a pup that is most certainly going to be a Minnesota Vikings fan. How about that! I love happy accidents.

Congratulations Ryan! (He doesn't read the blog, I am just saying that in hopes his telepathy is working.) 

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