Saturday, August 10, 2013

wine: 2007 Conn Creek

So, did you think that forgot how to open a bottle of wine? Nope, we didn't. We just haven't gone out on a limb and purchased a new bottle of wine in the past year (buying 2 cases of St Francis really puts a kink in your wine blogging.) 

This wine costs $35. Not one we will buy again. It's much too vanilla-y for our taste. Put it in perspective, Rombauer Cab is the bomb diggity and that can run about the same price (Mike says it's probably $10 more, but I beg to differ, I swear the last time we bought a Rombauer Cab it was under $40, but maybe it just played with my head at $39.99 (tricky like that).

Anywho, I digress. This wine is not a winner. No oakiness, no spice, no earthy qualities. Upon first taste, I got a headache. Awesome. 

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