Monday, September 9, 2013


There are a lot of typical California things that have become second nature to me after nearly 5 years of living here: people lose all common sense when driving through a parking lot, grocery carts are never put back in the cart corral, the smell of eucalyptus that hits you immediately when you step outside at SFO, and the surrounding hillside landscape has become so familiar, so home-y that I am so happy to see the hills after a vacation to tell me that I am home. It's a nice feeling, you know? 

Yesterday however the hillside that I see every day, sing a song about every time we crest the hill into Lafayette since the first time I came to the East Bay to look for a place to live prior to moving out here - Mt. Diablo - started on fire. You could see the smoke billowing from behind the backside of Mt. Diablo. I know that the fire danger in California is always high, especially after nearly 2 years of very little rain, but when you see/smell the smoke it suddenly becomes so real, so scary. 

I pray for the 75 families that have been evacuated and all the fire fighters taking care of the fire on the treacherous and rocky hillsides. I can't even imagine or muster one ounce of the bravery they show every day on the job. Thank you fire fighters, thank you. 

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