Tuesday, October 1, 2013

oh, hi!

Seriously, where did September go?  My apologies for losing my way to the blog. Luckily, I'm here now, and hopeful that October will have more action than September. It is our golden wedding anniversary this coming weekend, so I am sure that will prompt a good bottle of wine, some seafood and a trip down memory lane and some blog-worthy documenting. But until then, here's a review of September, in picture form.

Mike went to bed early one night, Barkley wanted to join him. She started playing the springy door stop like a guitar until I came over to check on her.  And then I had to tear her away to ensure that she didn't wake up Mike. However, I'm pretty sure nothing can wake up that man, so really, I am not sure why I told her to stop.

The Twins were in town - sadly, we didn't recognize a single person on the team. I think it's official, we can't quite call ourselves Twins fans.  We can however call ourselves fans of Star Wars night. You wouldn't believe the amount of people  - young and old - that came dressed in their favorite Star Wars character.  The game was boring, but the people watching was stupendous.

I started selling women's accessories on 52nd & Barkley! First up on my new adventure, jersey knit infinity scarves. They have been a huge hit...and I might have wanted to keep all of them for myself they are just. so. cozy!

Quick trip to Napa over Labor Day weekend turned into a seriously awesome wine frig restocking. 39 bottles came home with us. Sadly for you (not us) we brought home 2 cases of the Castello di Amorosa Cab, which means the wine blogging might be a little dead, but fear not, we are enjoying it immensely. Especially on favorite TV night of the week, Sunday night on HBO did not disappoint in September, our two favorite shows (Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire) were on back to back. Yahoo!

Weekend golfing with Mike. Some of the world's worst golf I have ever played, but besides giving up after 14 holes, we had a great time hanging out together and getting sun burned. {opps}

We've got a turkey hunter in the family. Do you see 3 turkeys without-a-care-in-the-world to the top right of Barkley?  Fast forward about 20 seconds after I took this picture, Barkley and I ran like crazy fools and spooked these turkeys into the hills. I know, I know, that might not have been the nicest thing to three turkeys, but man, you should have seen Barkers, she was loving it! And I have to admit, so was  I. {simple pleasures} 

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