Thursday, October 10, 2013

what's new at 52nd & Barkley

There seems to be an inverse correlation between my absence on the blog and my frequency of sitting in front of the sewing machine.  The good news is that I've branched out into new and exciting things over at the shop, which in turn typically causes joy and jubilee when someone buys something which then typical gives us an excuse to open a bottle of wine, and then blog about it (win - win, if I remember to take notes about the wine so that I can blog about it. The only trouble is that we keep opening the same bottle of Castello di Amorosa Cab, which would mean that the blog goes from hardly any activity to just plain boring talking about the same wine.  I'll try to get to some happy medium for you.)  Until then, here's the latest at 52nd & Barkley...

We now have new accessories for adults! These jersey knit infinity scarves are awesome.  I finally broke down and made one for myself because I liked the look of them so much.  They are great for dressing up or down, wearing year round to keep you warm, whether the air conditioning is blasting down on you all day long in the summer, or staying cozy warm in the chilly months of the year. 

Head on over to the shop to check out the infinity scarves here. 

I've also found that I love making baby blankets.  I love mixing fabrics, patterns and colors to make very cool (in my mind) blankies.  I was over the moon excited when a customer (a stranger! - don't get me wrong, I love when people that I know personally buy my stuff, but there is something so exciting about a stranger finding my shop and making a purchase) gave me feedback that her son loves the blanket so much it has become his favorite blankie.  Having a special blankie of my own from birth until I left for college, I know this is a big deal.  I was thrilled. 

check out all the blankets at the shop here.

Up next at 52nd & Barkley: Currently I'm working on some very special birthday hats and prototyping some bling'd out hair bows, after that I also plan to start making placemats, table runners and cloth napkins.  If you have any other ideas of things that you would like to see in the shop for young or old, please let me know. I'm all ears.  

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Maureen said...

The paisley/chevron blanket is great! I need one like that for a friend, but am not quite ready to pull the trigger yet, a little too early! But I'm going to stalk it until I am and if it's gone I might be requesting a custom order. :) Love the scarfs, pretty sure I'll be adding that on for myself!