Saturday, January 11, 2014

January blooms

The Minnesotan in me can never get over the fact that things actually bloom in January. I'm pretty sure I have January short term memory loss every year because every time January comes around and I see blossoms on trees or lilies of the valley blooming, I am in awe.  

These poor trees don't know what hit them this year though. It's no Polar Vortex, but it's been the chilliest Dec/Jan since we moved out here (5 years ago this month! Hello, can you believe it?! But that's for another day.)  You might not think that high 20 degree temps are cold - heck, I would have scoffed at that 5 years ago too, but after living out here and becoming a wimp -- it's cold.   But I would also like to point out that our apartment is no where near as insulated as our Minnesota house was.  The wind will blow the curtains and the windows are shut.  So we've got some issues when it comes to that, which makes it feel extra chilly AND I'm pretty sure when they built the apartment complex, they must have thought that Northern California had temperatures similar to the surface of the sun because we lack any sort of insulation*.  

*There's a pinhole in one of our walls (conveniently right next to my pillow) and mold/mildew spores spew out of it all year long.  I think that's what our insulation is made of. That's totally healthy right?!? Who needs to get out of this apartment complex? WE DO! We do!
cough, cough

I'm sorry, I started talking about blooming trees and ended with my hatred to the apartment…isn't that how it always works?

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