Tuesday, January 14, 2014

my favorite app: swell

I love listening to talk radio.  Maybe it's the science geek in me that needs to be fed, but seriously, I think it's fantastic.  The problem is however that in my car, NPR doesn't come in at all. Like I'm convinced it's just a radio station that actually tries to produce static.  Mike has Sirius radio in his car because he's in it for 12 hours a day (ok, not quite 12 hours, but legitimately 4-5 hours a day of driving between appointments/lovely Bay Area traffic) so for him it's totally understandable to pay for satellite radio. 

Me?  I drive to the park to walk Barkley. That's pretty much the extent of my daily driving, which is fantastic, but definitely not worth paying for satellite radio. So when I learned about the app Swell. I was hooked.  I can listen to NPR, Fox News, 60 minutes, Sports -- it's like Pandora, but for talk radio/podcasts of all sorts that you can customize with a thumbs up like Pandora to keep listening to the things you like.  I love it.  It's swell
ha! Get it? 

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