Thursday, February 27, 2014


My wardrobe consists of a t-shirt, skinny jeans/cords, flats/flip flops/running shoes and a cardigan.  Simple recipe for dressing myself everyday, don't you think?  Sometimes I think man, I should really change it up and go out on a limb and say, wear a button down shirt. But then I remember I really only leave the house to walk the dog...and frankly a button down shirt may be overdoing it.  So I stick with what works. But every so often I need to toss out the old faithful t-shirts and reload with some new-not-so-grungy ones.  After a while even the nicest t-shirt screams "Don't wear me out in public anymore!"  And I must listen.

So I've tried Pickwick and Weller.  They are great. I really like the Hanna shirt. But at $32 per t-shirt, my inner cheapskate shudders a's just a t-shirt after all!

Then I came across Everlane.  I ordered the v-neck and the u-neck versions last fall.  I really liked the v-neck. It washes up well, super soft and high quality and isn't too boxy or slouchy looking.  And, hello, at $14 per shirt it's a steal!  Plus if you order 2 items, shipping is free! Holla!! The u-neck on the other hand looked completely ridiculous on me. I think it's because I'm too short, I blame my height on a lot of things...u-neck t-shirts included apparently.

All this to say, spring is a great time to toss out the cruddy t-shirts and start with some fresh case you want to be twinsies with me - I just ordered the white and huckleberry v-neck shirts, and pictured below is my navy v-neck.

and yes, my abilities to take a selfie are pretty much, top notch. :) 

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