Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The price of a new pepper mill = one trip to urgent care

I have been wanting a pepper mill for quite some time. I just like the idea of freshly ground pepper as opposed to the already-ground-for-who-knows-how-long / what-else-did-they-grind-in-with-my-pepper.  But because I had two full containers of ground pepper in the pantry already, I didn't see the point of getting a new pepper mill...until last Thursday.

I was making dinner like usual, Barkley was sitting at the entrance to the kitchen eagerly awaiting anything that may drop, when I was about to put the pepper shaker back in its proper place and... Bam! I dropped it.  Trying to catch it before it hit the granite counter top was not a good idea...pepper shaker shattered. Pepper was every where. And a giant cut in my hand where the pepper shaker shard got me - 3 stitches later and dinner at chick-fil-a and I'm good to go.

The bright side: we now know where the nearest urgent care is AND I now have a pepper mill! (And salt mill too, because it seemed silly to not buy the set). 

For anyone wondering how to get the smell of pepper out of carpet - baking soda and the Dyson have been my best friends since the incident. 

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